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Our Company

 GlassDigital is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

GlassDigital is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


GlassDigital Co., Ltd. was established in January 2014, focusing on building multi sales-channel eCommerce management technology to help the retailers expands sales and boosts their online retail market share in Vietnam.

Our Business Model

We represent retailers & manufacturers for the operation of multi sales-channel eCommerce, including:

  • Product listing across all online market
  • Pick Pack 'n Ship
  • Payment in advance
  • Free shipping
  • Free packing & warehouse
  • Free management
  • Free product content editing

Our Technology

We develop A.I and automation tools to optimize daily operation tasks:

  • Order collector
  • Customer credit valuator
  • Product listing synchronization on across online channels
  • Shipping management
  • Financial audit & market insight

Why Us?

We provide multi sales-channel eCommerce commissioning service:

  • To help retailers expand their online sales based on current retail stores
  • To help retailers eliminate the operational burden & risk of losing money when controlling multi-channel

So, the retailers can focus on their offline retail business.

At present, we are managing more than 200,000 SKUs of sports, fashion, watch, home & living, beauty & healthy for local and foreign suppliers, in regarding the average sales up from 500,000,000 VND per month per vendor.

Product Listing

Maximize Product Listing Coverage

We spread your product listing across all online sales-channels, including: brand own website, marketplaces, social media, search results. The result is to achieve the total online sale revenue similar to at least 1 offline storefront.

Our experienced editorial team optimizes the product listing, including, product name, product description & specification, product images, warranty information. The final outcome is to make your products more attractive, and more purchase-driving to the consumers.

Commissioning Service

Our experienced operation team ensure the whole process from warehouse to consumer smoothly and satisfied, regarding:

  • Order verification & customer up-sale / cross-sale
  • Detail sale report with consumer data
  • Product pick-up from supplier warehouses / stores
  • High-class packaging & shipping to consumers
Commissioning Service


Payment In Advance

We deposit payment to retailers even before collecting from consumers, so the retailers are risk-free when selling online in Vietnam.


Our Strategic Partners

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Our Vendors


Board of Management

Our team is a perfect mix of flexibility and strong commitment
to deliver the best experience to our partners, vendors, and consumers.  


Son Lam, Dang

Owner / Founder

As the leader of GlassDigital, he is so talented and creative.

His abilities of connecting people and matching employees with their most skillful professions to maximize the company capacity and thus cost effective.

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Duy Cuong, Nguyen

Operation Manager

He operates the company in the right track and ensure everything running smoothly and effectively everyday.

His strong commitment and determination bring great values to the company.

Our Office

2 Street No 3, KP4
An Phu, District 2
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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